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Simplifying Technology for Your Life

Just like many businesses Your Pc Surgeon was born from frustration that our friends, family, clients and just about everyone we've met expressed.

It is no secret that the speed of technological advances far exceed the ability of the marketplace to implement it effectively and derive increased productivity out off.

What was more disturbing is that many of our clients were assured that they need the newest, fastest technology /read much more expensive/ that in most cases they could not 

understand and adopt, thus properly and fully utilize."The learning curve" of the offered solutions required training, recurring visits.

We offer the solutions for the existing problems, which might be technology from last 2 years.As a matter of fact older technologies are so much more desirable for businesses, since they are fully tested on the field and represent reliability most businesses demand. Be assured we will not going to test the technology on your business.

Computer International Trade Association's A+, N+ certifications are enhanced with years of experience on the field through many different technologies and operating systems- Windows 98 to Windows 7 to Linux. Upgrading, repairing and refurbishing systems that our clients were accustom to and needed only few upgrades, they did not know are possible.

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