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Our Services

Adopting Technology to Simplify Your Life

Our enthusiasm and dedication to the computer technology led to developing specific systems in harmony of hardware and software.

- of 3-5 years. Our systems are designed with "path to upgrade-ability"providing adaption with newer technologies and improve with growing needs and our clients expectations.e create custom computers for businesses and individuals- from compact, mini PCs as workstations and hubs, home theater PCs to elaborate gaming, video, sound processing and systems using Computer Assisted Designs. All components are carefully chosen based on extensive research , years of experience, carry extended warranties

- We rebuild, upgrade and refurbish older systems, which still function thus providing us opportunity to slowly prepare our clients for a transition into newer technology. It also saves, sometimes significant, sum of money when older propriatory-custom developed software or equipment can't function within newer operating systems.

- Always-on Internet connection most of us enjoy presents set of challenges in form of viruses, malware, "ransomware", "worms", phishing, identity theft-we not only remove those programs, but also provide the protection against future attacks.

- Set up and security for home wired, wireless and power line networking, with home servers and HDTV connectivity,media streaming, custom created HTTC computer integrated with your existed home theater systems,

- designing and implementing Wi-Fi "hot spots" for larger residential properties,small business, multi-family condominiums, mid-size offices,

- operating systems training and software consultation for increased productivity,

- new and emerging technologies consultation, implementations with e-commerce, local marketing and "mobile" marketing and advertising,

-cloud services , "virtual desktop" and back-up plans based on network attached storage, disk redundancy, or off site solutions.

 We recommend and are authorized providers of Comcast Business Class Internet.

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