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Tech Audits

Reevaluating technology needs of our clients.

Page dedicated to technology implementation in challenges and solutions format to provide an "real live" examples.

CHALLENGE: small size condominium property would like to provide an Wi-Fi Internet access for their residents in individual units as well as the recreational pool area, without multiple subscriptions, modems and bundle of cables.

SOLUTION:centrally located office is equipped with VoIP telephone system for free long distance and some international calls. Wireless router provides 2 types of networks: G for the units and N for the recreational area.

Wired access points connect to the antennas and broadcast Wi_Fi signal throughout the property.

CHALLENGE: mid-size condominium property with 6 different buildings would like to have on demand Wi-Fi connection available for the residents and tenants without massive amount of unsightly looking "tech gear", satellite dishes, etc.

SOLUTION: powered from the central location Wired Access Points distribute Wi-Fi signal within 2 and 3 story buildings. Identified "death spots" are being serviced with compact size wireless access points that transfer and enhance weaker signals - effectively extending the area of coverage, within individual units.

Approach as implemented allowed us to provide solution with a very low initial investment and expend as needed.

Instead of placing large amount of devices for uniform coverage and added expense , we initially omitted areas would not fully utilize it.

CHALLENGE: Geo-thermal cooling and heating system is monitored by computerized devise that incorporates network connectivity. If controller could be connected to the Internet, technician servicing and monitoring the unit could perform the tasks online. Saving travel time and labor.

SOLUTION: "point-to point" wireless network operating on dedicated frequency connects 2 locations with controller and

router present in central location of the property. Installed software on the controller enables, not only monitoring, but also changing the parameters of entire system and provides e-mail notifications and alerts, under certain conditions.

CHALLENGE: mid-size real estate office requires communication and seamless file and printing sharing in and out of the office - associates and support personnel working different hours with extensive traveling schedules.

SOLUTION: Internet connection maintained through wireless router with build-in 4 port switch -attached disk for file storage, back ups /separate IP address - accessed locally and from Internet/. Main computer serving as hub and multi-functioned printers wired to router, laptops on wireless network.

PROFESSIONAL DRY CLEANER Point Of Sale system with custom built workstation

CHALLENGE: single PC controls point-of-sale equipment with scanners, printers and credit card reader was getting slower to respond and eventually refused to power up.

SOLUTION: In order to preserve, expensive and proprietary software old system's disc image was created earlier as back-up, new computer has been custom built utilizing some old parts, with double the processing power and quadruple amount of memory- all for the cost of replacing older components that failed. New system has been specifically built for quiet operation with much better cooling scheme.

Addition of wireless network allows the operator to communicate with other computers within the location, including printers, scanners and electronic faxing. "Guest wireless network helps with clients using electronic methods of payment.


CHALLENGE: Highly priced custom built gaming system was showing signs of slowing down with newer games, yet rebuilding it with original builder would cost thousands of dollars /original price $7,000/

SOLUTION: Small capacity solid state hard drive was utilized for cache to much larger new hard drive to accommodate more capacity required for games and data, it loads the system's most used data into faster hard disc . System board allows future upgrades for the CPU, memory as well as second, or entirely new video card.

Added memory and upgraded video card increased system performance by 60%, while saving over 80% on price quoted by original builder. New system can easily handle dual or triple display option, considered by the owner. Some components were chosen with energy savings features- system consumes much less energy while idle and fully optimizing when applications loaded demand it.

New parts warranted for 3-5 years as compared to standard 1 year offered elsewhere.


CHALLENGE: Board of Directors of mid size gated community was considering, upon request of the residents,

to provide wireless access for club house and adjacent area of the pool, simplify the billing and reduce expense of separate vendors.

SOLUTION: Dual band /2 frequencies network router for older and newer devices/ provides Wi-Fi Internet connection for club house and wired connection for 2 Access Points that allow residents and guests wireless network within pool and park.Office of the manager also has seperate secure network.

Combined with Internet based full featured phone system, with free local , nationwide and some international calling, property saves money allowing it over time to cover the initial investment.

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