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I wanted to provide my clients  and visitors with evaluation of the top antivirus suites available on the market this year.

The graphic illustrates from the top the best scoring suites. If you wonder the criteria on which it was based, please read below:

I am only listing the best and worst results, which should give you the idea of how to evaluate what you presently use and intend to buy/

- Signature based detection of malware /best G Data  Internet Security 100%, worst Trend Micro Titanium 97.5%/,

- Blocking of real world malware /complete prevention and removal/ best G Data 100%, worst Eset Smart Security 88.5%/,

- Partially blocked attacks from real world malware / with 4% left behind  Trend Micro, Eset Smart Security,  AVG Internet Security

- Successful removal of malware components existing in a infected PC / weakest performance  with 90% removal rate Eset Smart       Security,  Check Point Zone Alarm Extreme Security 

- Successful removal of active and inactive, yet still present malware software or leftover components of such /best Bitdefender Internet Security-90% , worst Avast Internet Security, AVG Internet Security Check Point with 40%

Please note that the speed of scanning will vary from one suite to another as well as commensurate with the specifications of  your system.

I would like to acknowledge  and credit the support of most respected virus testing lab AV-Test as well as forum participants and editors of

PC World.Please contact me for more information or to set up your anti virus software.

I would like to extend the list with totally revamppped and rebuilt suite from WebRoot Secure Anywhere.It is fast and cloud based program which might render faster results as virus newest definitions are availble online, but still leaves few questions in real life performnace /connectivity,  deep access to your system and its root files. I will raport on with proper testing done.

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